Colourstop carry sealants and adhesives for all types of jobs where it is imperative for the highest quality products to be used. Some of the brands we keep are Fixtech Marine and Industrial Adhesives, Soudal Sealants and Adhesives Troton moisture cure Polyurethane and a range of GSA sealants.

Colourstop carry a range of double sided tape and foam sealing tape for use in many applications where high quality adhesive tapes are required.

Colourstop stock a number of panel bonding adhesives and plastic repair adhesives for Automotive Repair and Equipment Manufacturing, Urethane,Epoxy and MS Adhesives for most applications are stocked.

Moisture cure Urethanes, MS Polymers, Silicones and Acrylic Sealants and Adhesives are supplied by Colourstop to Automotive, Industrial and the Construction industry. Fillers are also stocked by Colourstop they include fillers for Automotive Refinish and Restoration, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Construction.